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Ready steady…go Part 1

We are currently building our online shop and it will be ready soon. If you are on our mailing list I will email as soon as our coconut bread is for sale online. If you want to be added or have any questions please email me, Sabine, Calvin’s mummy on please!

3 thoughts on “Ready steady…go Part 1

  1. Hi Sabine,
    I am so excited about your online shop opening. Can’t wait to be able to buy some more of your Coconut Flatbreads. I did give you my email address at the allergy show but am going to fill in my details here again, as I want to make doubly sure I’m at the start of your online shop launch.
    My hubby and I were discussing your unique product and he wondered if going on Dragon’s Den might help your company grow. It’ll take only one supermarket to realise the potential of your flatbreads and I seriously believe demand will take off massively. I am so excited for you and for people like me…..who have to avoid certain foods. It’s the product we’ve all been waiting for.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    1. Hi Gill, many thanks!! We are so excited here too. We have been enjoying the product ourselves for over 2 years now so it is great to hear that other ones like yourselves love it and makes a difference. Dragons Den sounds exciting but if we do it it will be more in the future. First we need to get the initial start up steps done! Thank you for all your support!!

  2. I’m in please

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