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Our brand photo

As mentioned in my very first blog, I am so grateful for all the wonderful people that have been involved and supportive of our journey: So may I introduce our wonderful friend and amazing photographer Chandra Isenberg. She is the one who took our family photograph that is featuring on our packaging and making us look like professional models. We could not be more happy with the image. I always loved it so much and when it came to pick one for our brand, her photo of us just stood out above all. It really captures us and how we feel as a family: Calvin is our centre and we revolve around him. He inspires us and makes us feel wholesome …and to us this what her photos say.

Chandra is an award-winning photographer based here in Edinburgh, Scotland, specialising in Family, Couple and Wedding photography. Check out her website to find out more.

And I thought I share this one too from the shoot, Calvin had just started walking the week before. The months prior we had just so many major set backs due to the allergies but Calvin walking felt like an amazing step forward.

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