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Never have to queue…for food

I promised to write about the positive side effects our food allergies have on us. I think the biggest one for being out and about is that we never have to queue or wait for food. It sounds a bit ridiculous but let me explain a bit more: Calvin has wide ranging severe food allergies to most common foods, therefore we simply ALWAYS carry our own. To be fair, until we got into a routine, I was often up at 5am cooking and baking away so we can simply go out for the day. Having our own foods packed and this includes for mummy and daddy too, it has actually been especially handy with an active toddler like Calvin. He can run round and have fun and we can eat whenever and wherever without ever having to queue or even needing to find an eatery. If we ever have to sit in a cafe….this is still Scotland and not always picnic weather, we obviously order something to drink but all places have been most understanding that we have our own foods. Thank you all so much!

Never having to queue…and the freedom it brings with it, it became really clear to me at the last Royal Highland Show, in case you have not been, it is amazing! When lunchtime came all places were packed and long queues, I saw parents with tired and hungry kids having to wait. We simply found a wee green bit and settled down stressfree having our own sandwiches and homemade treats. I even packed an ice cream for Calvin. By the way, as you can also see in the photo, Calvin was most of the time in a back carrier which is fantastic. I love that thing so much as we can cover a lot of ground, Calvin can see very well by being that high and it keeps him safe from any accidental “food touching”. Plus, I love my sports, so it is a free workout!

Summary of this blog: positive side effect of food allergies: see more, do more, free exercise and eating the foods you love.

Note about the photos: 1.) with a proper Scottish Highland Coo 2.) with our friend’s cute Valais Black Nose Sheep called Elfie 3.) Calvin having fun running around brand new still ‘gluten-free’ heavy farm machinery

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