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Our first stockist

We can proudly announce that we are now stocked in a shop. And not just in any shop, it is K’s Market in Lynn! Set up by Karen Williamson who is a mother of two children with Coeliac disease, she truly knows the challenges and importance of sourcing gluten-free foods for her family. As important as, finding yummy foods, it is also vital to have choice, feeling normal about it and knowing that the products are safe. K’s Market is exactly doing this by providing a wide range of tasty gluten-free products ranging from fresh to frozen, from flours to conserves and as of now our naturally gluten-free coconut bread!

You can find out more on K’s Market Facebook page


And obviously, her amazing shop

K’s Market

St. George’s Chambers

27 King Street

King’s Lynn


K’s Market is open weekdays 9am-5pm, but 11am-7pm on Wednesdays, 9am-1pm on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

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Flying off the shelves

Wow, we have been absolutely amazed how well our bread was selling again. Within the first 6 hours of our limited stock Flash Sale we sold out, so I released a few more packs which were actually booked to do some nice photography. No worries, we still have enough to take great pictures. The crew will simply get less to munch on 😉

Through the sale, we found out that nutritionists have recommended our coconut flatbread on and their clients made some of the biggest orders. Our own nutritionist is working on some inspiring recipe ideas for our bread and we will share the healthy outcomes with you soon.

We have an other upcoming bake round soon. Why are we doing bake rounds at the moment? We are a Start Up and planned baking rounds are the best way to bring fresh bread to our customers for the best price. Whilst we are working hard in the background getting all other little bits ready.

So, a Big Thank You to everyone who buys our bread. It is fantastic and shows that our product is very much wanted and needed! This is why we started, the bread has helped us despite all the allergies and dietary limitations to have a ‘normal’ life with foods that are good and nourishing. Simply to be able to eat a healthy sandwich! Shops have started to pick up on this and I can soon announce our first one where we will be stocked. Watch this place!