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Allergy Show, here we come

Finally the day is here when we present our allergen-free, gluten-free and grain-free coconut flatbread to the world! My bag is packed and I also have scissors, tape and my hi-viz for the set up ready. I cannot wait and looking forward to seeing you all there. Find us at stand A91

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Thank You Allergies!

Gratitude to allergies? You might think what a bizarre thing to say and believe me if I could snap my fingers and the allergies would be gone...there is not much more I could wish for! However, we do everything we can and the allergies in our lives are simply the way they are and we have to accept them and live with them. They dramatically changed a lot in our lives, yet not necessarily to the worse. So, my following blogs will be about little examples how they make our lives better. They opened our eyes, we learnt a lot more, we eat much better etc but the most important thing they enriched us in are the new people they brought into our lives. Really amazing people whom we would have never had met if it weren't for the allergies. So, Thank You Allergies!

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