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Behind the scenes

Last month we had our first foodie photo and film shoot.

Before diving into the delicious world of making our own allergen-free healthy foods, I, Sabine aka Calvin’s Mummy, ran my own video production for over 10 years so no wonder Calvin was born with a cooking spoon in one hand and a camera in the other.

Over the last decade, one of my camera side kicks has been Ian Dodds who filmed and took the photographs for this shoot of our Original Coconut Flatbread. Ian has worked professionally as a drama and documentary cameraman for over 20 years. He has shot many broadcast documentaries in various locations around the world.

After a serious illness Ian has tried to eat a lot healthier. He very seldom eats ready-meals and always cooks from scratch with fresh ingredients.

For this shoot, all recipes with our Original Coconut Flatbread have been expertly created and advised by our student nutritionist consultant Cara Redpath who’s own journey about how good foods healed her is very impressive.

In 2014 in a severe accident, Cara fractured three vertebrae in her back and sustained major soft tissue damage. The road back to vibrant health seemed almost impossible and after ten months living in her bed and still in excruciating pain, Cara decided to see a nutritionist and through her new diet the inflammation in her body was reduced and the pain became manageable. The change in her life was so profound and life changing Cara felt motivated to study to become a nutritional therapist in order to help others who may also have given up hope of healing and help them regain optimal health.

As we always say, we are feeling very blessed about the amazing people that are in our lives and thankful that they share their gifts with us.

Our delicious recipes ideas will be revealed soon…here in our blog, and on our social media.

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