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Ballet, Bodybuilding & Bread

My big Bs in my life.

Here is a little personal reflection on how life sometimes prepares you for the unexpected:

I am German so bread has always been a big part of my life. It makes up most of the German diet or at least how I know it. My teenage years, I spent all my free time dancing and doing ballet. This also involved watching what you eat and my mother was very clever, she taught me that if I eat the right things in balance they will make me strong, fit and healthy. When I got to university, there was less ballet available although I was very lucky in finding a fantastic teacher but I also got very enthusiastic about body building. To be honest, I absolutely love it! However, to get natural body building and your physique right it is crucial to know your nutrition, when and what to eat. Otherwise, all your hard work in the gym will not pay off. I learnt everything I could all about the optimum foods and what works best for me because it is different for everyone.

Ballet and Body Building are my personal passions, I did not do any of them professionally nor claiming I have done but they are my sanity, my strength and my zen. …after my family but we all need some Me Time, don’t we.

So, when Calvin came along, our bundle of joy, obviously dancing and lifting weights fell a bit to the side but little did I know how much they had actually prepared me for what was to come. At 3 months, Calvin showed first signs of having allergies, although back then we did not know nor the doctors. To be honest, I did not know much about allergies in general. He was exclusively breastfed until 6 months and then he ended up in Intensive Care when we introduced cows milk to him on doctor’s recommendation.

With the help of fantastic nutritionists, allergy specialist and a herbalist, I had to relearn what health and nutrition meant but fortunately, I already had an existing understanding of healthy eating to build on and how to make a diet work best for oneself and especially for Calvin. In short, our limited range of foods had to do the ultimate best for us and our health and it has been a constant search to continuously finding new great ones. However, one of the things we could not find was any commercially available bread that was allergen-free and help improve Calvin’s health, so I started working with what we could have, even though it meant standing in the kitchen at 5am making teeny tiny slices so we could have bread for breakfast and for sandwiches whilst being out and about. Calvin usually enjoyed resting on my back whilst I baked.

So, there are actually quite a few cool Bs in our lives: Our Bundle of Joy Calvin, a lot of Bread and even my old buddies Ballet and Body Building have sneaked back in.

I would always recommend whether it is for fitness, life style or health seek professional advice if you want to or have to make dramatic changes to your diet and training. From my own personal experience, there is always so much more to learn.

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Eat Like a Leither

This wonderful cook book full of healthy recipes and thoughts was produced with inspired creativity and skill by Leith Academy based in Edinburgh. I was asked to share a bit of our Food Start Up journey alongside other contributions by amazing chefs like Tony Singh MBE, Tom Kitchin, Neil Forbes and Martin Wishart as well as Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith. The book has been on sale at selected outlets including at the Proclaimers Concert in Glasgow, right next to their merchandise.

Please see below a little excerpt of my contribution and some images from the book that were created by the students. Obviously all copyright belongs to the original artist/authors.

The wonderful cook book can be bought for £10 from Leith Academy.

Further details on

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Raising funds

A lot has been happening the last 12 months, our priority and focus is on producing the best product possible and a big part of it is to raise funds.

I was lucky enough to being accepted into the Business Gateway 5-week programme to getting Investment ready.

We received insightful talks from lawyers, investors and fellow entrepreneurs and I enjoyed sitting alongside other exciting Start Up businesses. One of the best things was that they allowed us to practice and it really helped to iron out doubts and mistakes. So I’m very grateful for this workshop and I have continued staying in touch with the people I met who have been utterly supportive.

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Gluten-free gratitude

I know we have been very quiet here lately but like a swan, we have been peddling underneath. It has been an adventurous journey so far but some of the unexpected turning up here and there but we are keeping focus on our goal: making the most amazing allergen-free products for you!

We are checking field to factory that all is safe and tasty.

Our gluten-free and allergen-free journey has been exciting and mainly made possible by fantastic people who joined, supported and helped us along the way. And I’m utterly grateful! So in short, I will have some concrete news soon 🤗

Stay connected to us via

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Behind the scenes

Last month we had our first foodie photo and film shoot.

Before diving into the delicious world of making our own allergen-free healthy foods, I, Sabine aka Calvin’s Mummy, ran my own video production for over 10 years so no wonder Calvin was born with a cooking spoon in one hand and a camera in the other.

Over the last decade, one of my camera side kicks has been Ian Dodds who filmed and took the photographs for this shoot of our Original Coconut Flatbread. Ian has worked professionally as a drama and documentary cameraman for over 20 years. He has shot many broadcast documentaries in various locations around the world.

After a serious illness Ian has tried to eat a lot healthier. He very seldom eats ready-meals and always cooks from scratch with fresh ingredients.

For this shoot, all recipes with our Original Coconut Flatbread have been expertly created and advised by our student nutritionist consultant Cara Redpath who’s own journey about how good foods healed her is very impressive.

In 2014 in a severe accident, Cara fractured three vertebrae in her back and sustained major soft tissue damage. The road back to vibrant health seemed almost impossible and after ten months living in her bed and still in excruciating pain, Cara decided to see a nutritionist and through her new diet the inflammation in her body was reduced and the pain became manageable. The change in her life was so profound and life changing Cara felt motivated to study to become a nutritional therapist in order to help others who may also have given up hope of healing and help them regain optimal health.

As we always say, we are feeling very blessed about the amazing people that are in our lives and thankful that they share their gifts with us.

Our delicious recipes ideas will be revealed soon…here in our blog, and on our social media.

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Our brand photo

As mentioned in my very first blog, I am so grateful for all the wonderful people that have been involved and supportive of our journey: So may I introduce our wonderful friend and amazing photographer Chandra Isenberg. She is the one who took our family photograph that is featuring on our packaging and making us look like professional models. We could not be more happy with the image. I always loved it so much and when it came to pick one for our brand, her photo of us just stood out above all. It really captures us and how we feel as a family: Calvin is our centre and we revolve around him. He inspires us and makes us feel wholesome …and to us this what her photos say.

Chandra is an award-winning photographer based here in Edinburgh, Scotland, specialising in Family, Couple and Wedding photography. Check out her website to find out more.

And I thought I share this one too from the shoot, Calvin had just started walking the week before. The months prior we had just so many major set backs due to the allergies but Calvin walking felt like an amazing step forward.

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Never have to queue…for food

I promised to write about the positive side effects our food allergies have on us. I think the biggest one for being out and about is that we never have to queue or wait for food. It sounds a bit ridiculous but let me explain a bit more: Calvin has wide ranging severe food allergies to most common foods, therefore we simply ALWAYS carry our own. To be fair, until we got into a routine, I was often up at 5am cooking and baking away so we can simply go out for the day. Having our own foods packed and this includes for mummy and daddy too, it has actually been especially handy with an active toddler like Calvin. He can run round and have fun and we can eat whenever and wherever without ever having to queue or even needing to find an eatery. If we ever have to sit in a cafe….this is still Scotland and not always picnic weather, we obviously order something to drink but all places have been most understanding that we have our own foods. Thank you all so much!

Never having to queue…and the freedom it brings with it, it became really clear to me at the last Royal Highland Show, in case you have not been, it is amazing! When lunchtime came all places were packed and long queues, I saw parents with tired and hungry kids having to wait. We simply found a wee green bit and settled down stressfree having our own sandwiches and homemade treats. I even packed an ice cream for Calvin. By the way, as you can also see in the photo, Calvin was most of the time in a back carrier which is fantastic. I love that thing so much as we can cover a lot of ground, Calvin can see very well by being that high and it keeps him safe from any accidental “food touching”. Plus, I love my sports, so it is a free workout!

Summary of this blog: positive side effect of food allergies: see more, do more, free exercise and eating the foods you love.

Note about the photos: 1.) with a proper Scottish Highland Coo 2.) with our friend’s cute Valais Black Nose Sheep called Elfie 3.) Calvin having fun running around brand new still ‘gluten-free’ heavy farm machinery

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Our first stockist

We can proudly announce that we are now stocked in a shop. And not just in any shop, it is K’s Market in Lynn! Set up by Karen Williamson who is a mother of two children with Coeliac disease, she truly knows the challenges and importance of sourcing gluten-free foods for her family. As important as, finding yummy foods, it is also vital to have choice, feeling normal about it and knowing that the products are safe. K’s Market is exactly doing this by providing a wide range of tasty gluten-free products ranging from fresh to frozen, from flours to conserves and as of now our naturally gluten-free coconut bread!

You can find out more on K’s Market Facebook page


And obviously, her amazing shop

K’s Market

St. George’s Chambers

27 King Street

King’s Lynn


K’s Market is open weekdays 9am-5pm, but 11am-7pm on Wednesdays, 9am-1pm on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

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Flying off the shelves

Wow, we have been absolutely amazed how well our bread was selling again. Within the first 6 hours of our limited stock Flash Sale we sold out, so I released a few more packs which were actually booked to do some nice photography. No worries, we still have enough to take great pictures. The crew will simply get less to munch on 😉

Through the sale, we found out that nutritionists have recommended our coconut flatbread on and their clients made some of the biggest orders. Our own nutritionist is working on some inspiring recipe ideas for our bread and we will share the healthy outcomes with you soon.

We have an other upcoming bake round soon. Why are we doing bake rounds at the moment? We are a Start Up and planned baking rounds are the best way to bring fresh bread to our customers for the best price. Whilst we are working hard in the background getting all other little bits ready.

So, a Big Thank You to everyone who buys our bread. It is fantastic and shows that our product is very much wanted and needed! This is why we started, the bread has helped us despite all the allergies and dietary limitations to have a ‘normal’ life with foods that are good and nourishing. Simply to be able to eat a healthy sandwich! Shops have started to pick up on this and I can soon announce our first one where we will be stocked. Watch this place!